About ARCA

FEGENTRI, the International Federation of Gentlemen Riders, governs amateur racing in Europe. They card literally hundreds of flat races for amateurs, plus two or three championships between the member countries. Sensing the need for America to join its European counterparts, French born former amateur race rider and internationally renowned cartoonist Pierre Bellocq (PEB) and his son, Remi Bellocq, formed the Amateur Riders Club of America in mid 1986.

Gathering the support of the only two members of the Jockey Club who hold current riding licenses, Edward “Ned” Bonnie of Louisville, Ky., and George Strawbridge, Jr., of Cochranville, Pa., and the best amateurs in this country under one mantle, the Bellocqs scheduled the first pair of races at Delaware Park and Philadelphia Park in July and October, 1986.

FIRST ARCA RACE 1987 left to right: Remi Bellocq (US), J. Queally (Ire), Marcus Armytage (England), Cristen Segner (Sweden), Robert Danloux (Fra.), Jo Pogran (FEGENTRI’S Secretary), Carlos Laffon-Parias(Spain), FEGENTRI President Pierre Delors and Filippo Grasso-Caprioli (Italy

ARCA’s goal, then and now, is to bring together men and women whose avocation is riding racehorses. These individuals all have two things in common: 1) a high level of competence; and 2) a career or source of income that is not dependent on riding. Although very competitive and eager to win, ARCA jockeys ride purely for the enjoyment of the Sport. All rider mount fees and percentages revert to worthwhile racing charities such as the Jockeys’ Guild Injured Riders’ Fund.

ARCA riders must comply with the same requirements as professional jockeys. The only difference is weight. ARCA jockeys, because they ride only a few times per year, can weigh between 125 and 138 lbs., depending on the race conditions. Aside from the higher weight, all other Rules of Racing pertaining to professional jockeys also apply to ARCA riders. Professional Jockeys endorse ARCA

ARCA Races are held throughout the United States and Canada. Click here for a list of host tracks.

For further information please contact the Amateur Riders Club of America.